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ePass1000ND - driverless token


ePass1000ND is a fully portable, driverless and low cost device .

ePass1000ND is the ideal solution for user authentication and access control functions. Applications can benefit from ePass1000ND’s built-in MD5-HMAC algorithm unit which provides a powerful challenge/response mechanism for authentication services.
The challenge/response authentication model is more secure than the traditional user-name & password model because in challenge/response the “shared secret” information is never exposed during the authentication process.

ePass1000ND is also a perfect solution for portable storage of sensitive information. Digital certificates, private keys, passwords, credit card numbers and other security credentials may be safely and conveniently stored on ePass1000ND and taken with you.


Information for ePass1000ND Developers

System developers who want to use the low level API interface of ePass1000ND to add access control and entity authentications to their programs, and manage memory inside ePass1000ND to store sensitive information.

ePass1000ND has a hierarchical file system similar to those found on PCs, except that the ePass1000ND file management system is more specific regarding classifications of permission and security.

Each ePass1000ND unit has a unique hardware serial number. The serial number may serve as a unique identifier for ePass1000ND enabled applications or administrative functions.

ePass1000ND uses the MD5 Hash algorithm to protect passwords and other security information. The hash algorithm, as implemented in ePass1000ND, makes it possible for the user password (or other security information) to never leave the security of ePass1000ND. Instead, ePass1000ND will pass a calculation involving the password and a random character string to the application for comparison.

Cryptographic Services:

  • Random Number Generator
    ePass1000ND can generate random numbers in hardware. Random numbers may be used when creating authentication digest code as well as seed for other cryptographic functions.

  • MD5 algorithm
    The MD5 algorithm is an industry standard hashing algorithm that takes a message of arbitrary length as input and produces a 128-bit message digest as output. The output digest is believed non-reversible, meaning that no one can figure out the input data from the output MD5 digest.

  • MD5 HMAC
    Although much more reliable than simple checksum methods, MD5 does not provide a data integrity check because anyone can alter the input data and generate a corresponding output digest. Obviously, the hashed value needs to be protected. That is the target of the Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC). HMAC can be used with the MD5 hash algorithm and a secret key to authenticate a message or collection of data. ePass1000ND supports this industry standard method to provide a secure way for end users or applications to be authenticated without exposing their secret keys.

  • TEA
    TEA is an excellent encryption algorithm. This algorithm is more simple than DES(Data Encryption Standard). TEA has high anti analyze ability and it’s faster than DES. The encryption key can be 128 bits for 64 bits data. TEA is so secure.


    ePass1000ND Technical Specification
    Supported Operating Systems Windows98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista; Mac OS 10.3 ; Linux 2.6 above
    Memory Size 8K
    On-Board Security Algorithms MD5, TEA
    Chip Security Level Secured and Encrypted Data Storage
    Power Dissipation < 250 mW
    Operating Temperature 0 C to 70 C (32 F to 156 F)
    Storage Temperature -40 C to 85 C (-40 F to 185 F)
    Humidity Rating 0 to 100% without condensation
    Connector Type USB type A (Universal Serial Bus)
    Casing Hard Molded Plastic, Tamper Evident
    Memory Data Retention At least 10 years
    Memory Cell Rewrites At least 100,000

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