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ROCKEY4 dongle
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ROCKEY4 Standard. ROCKEY4 access security is controlled by a 64-bit password set that is burned into the CPU by OTP. The passwords cannot be modified. Each dongle also has a unique hardware ID, 128-bytes of memory space and a "time-gate" mechanism to prevent software tracing. The ROCKEY4 system supports user defined algorithms, API controls, envelope software for direct encryption of Windows portable executable files (.exe, .dll, .arx) and a random data transfer mechanism to make dongle simulation attacks ineffective. ROCKEY4 can support both very simplistic but effective protection methods, and much more complex schemes to achieve very high levels of security.

The ROCKEY4 software protection system includes both LPT and USB based dongles. All ROCKEY4 dongles are fully compatible with one another. The system includes abundant programming interfaces and support for most common desktop operating systems including: DOS, Windows, Linux and MAC.

A dedication to quality, ease of use, strong protection options and cost effective pricing make the ROCKEY4 the price/performance leader in the software protection market.

ROCKEY4-Plus is a variant of ROCKEY4 Standard, except that it boasts a larger memory space - 512 bytes in total with 320 bytes available for developers. Developers may store 160 bytes, or 80 instructions in the User Algorithm Zone. The User Data Zone is expanded to 120 bytes. The ROCKEY4-Plus system is ideal for developers who need to support a large number of program modules, or very complex algorithms.

  • Secure access controlled with 64-bit Basic and Advanced password sets
  • 128-512 bytes of usable memory
  • Support for multiple user defined algorithms
  • Low level communications encoded for optimal protection
  • Multi-level security access for developers and users
  • Custom built CPU for intelligent software protection systems
  • Support for multiple platforms: DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT4/XP/Vista, Linux, MAC (OS 8.6 and above)
  • Abundant programming language interfaces: TurboC, Borland, C++, MSC, WatcomC, QBasic, Fortran, VC, VB, BCB, Delphi, PB, AutoCAD, Java, ActiveX
  • Support for varied network licensing policies
  • Secure storage for application serial numbers and other information required for license enforcement
  • Full support for IEEE 1284 (ECP/EPP/SPP) insures high compatibility with LPT attached devices
  • Small and non-intrusive form factor, tamper proof outer shell
  • Built-in algorithms for seed code generation
  • Support for LPT networking
  • Compatible with low voltage environments (2.2 Volt minimum)
  • Multiple ROCKEY4 dongles (16 maximum) may be cascaded on the same LPT port
  • No software limit on port sharing with dongles from other manufacturers
  • Globally unique Hardware Identification number burned into each unit

    Memory Zone Memory Zone Description ROCKEY4 ROCKEY4-Plus ROCKEY4 ND NetROCKEY4
    Hardware ID Globally unique identifier 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit
    User ID Zone User defined identifier 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit
    Module Zone Non-readable memory spaces (16) Used with arithmetic calculations 16-bit(each) 16-bit(each) 16-bit(each) 16-bit(each)
    Zero Attribute Indicates if a module is "0" or not "0". Each module has a zero attribute. 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each)
    Decrement Attribute Indicates if a module can be decreased. Each module has a decrement attribute. 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each)
    User Data Zone User defined memory space 24-byte 120-byte 1000-byte 120-byte
    User Algorithm Zone Instruction storage for user defined algorithms 32-instructions 80-instructions 128-instructions 80-instructions

    Hardware Specifications:

    Dimensions: 51 x 16 x 7 mm 39 x 55 x 16 mm
    Current Consumption (active/idle): <= 50 ma <=10 ma
    Min. Operating Voltage: 5V 2.2V
    CPU Type: 20 pin, 8-bit 8 pin, 8-bit
    Max. No. of dongles in series: 16 16
    Max. No. of Write Access: >100,000 >100,000
    Connector Support: USB Type A 25-pin , Type D
    Storage Temp.: -40 ~ 85 ºC -40 ~ 85 ºC
    Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 70 ºC 0 ~ 70 ºC
    Data Retention: 10 years 10 years


    To Developers:

    is a hardware based software protection system. The effectiveness of the ROCKEY system depends to a great extent on the degree to which the developer is able to integrate the dongle to the application. The more complex the relationship between the dongle and application, the more difficult it will be for a potential hacker to "crack". The ROCKEY protection system has two general mechanisms to protect your software: the ROCKEY Envelope and the ROCKEY API.

    ROCKEY Envelope is invoked with the Ryenv32 encryption tool under the Utility directory. As the name indicates, envelope encryption adds an envelope (or shell) to the executable file. The envelope program automatically calls the ROCKEY dongle when the program is executed. If the dongle is not attached to the PC, the execution will abort and the developer's warning message will display on the monitor. The ROCKEY envelope program is ideal if developer does not have access to the source code or is constrained from using the ROCKEY API. The envelope program is also useful when used in conjunction with the API to enhance a software protection mechanism. However, an envelope program is not considered strong protection when used without calls to the API and is limited to Windows executable files (.exe, .arx, .dll).

    ROCKEY API is a program language interface between the dongle and the developer's application. The ROCKEY API stack supports several programming languages and allows the developer flexibility t create very powerful encryption mechanisms. API protection requires that the developer have access to the source code and become familiar with the ROCKEY API.


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