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NetROCKEY4 extends the software protection features of ROCKEY to the network. NetROCKEY4 supports TCP/IP, IPX and NETBIOS protocols across networks;
offers user defined algorithms, envelope encryption, time checking functions;
provides a server-based network service program - developers only need to write programs for client end; includes enhanced graphical interface tools;

supports multiple servers, multiple PCS, and multiple users for the same code dongles. Every module of NetROCKEY4 can support at most 65534 clients at the same time while the service program remains protected from modification and immune to viruses.

NetROCKEY4 also includes network management functions, supports Windows 9X/NT/2000/2003/2008/ME/XP/Vista/7 and Linux, works in Delphi, Foxpro6, Java, PB6.5, PB7, VB, VC, .NET etc.
environment, works on any workstation or server addressable within your LAN. Offering distributed software management protection at a surprisingly affordable cost, NetROCKEY4 is the ideal software protection system for your network software.

Memory Zone Memory Zone Description ROCKEY4 ROCKEY4-Plus ROCKEY
Hardware ID Globally unique identifier 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit
User ID Zone User defined identifier 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit
Module Zone Non-readable memory spaces (16) Used with arithmetic calculations 16-bit(each) 16-bit(each) 16-bit(each) 16-bit(each)
Zero Attribute Indicates if a module is "0" or not "0". Each module has a zero attribute. 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each)
Decrement Attribute Indicates if a module can be decreased. Each module has a decrement attribute. 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each) 1-bit(each)
User Data Zone User defined memory space 24-byte 120-byte 1000-byte 1000-byte
User Algorithm Zone Instruction storage for user defined algorithms 32-instructions 80-instructions 128-instructions 128-instructions

  • Based on our flagship ROCKEY4 product, NetROCKEY4 supports TCP/IP, IPX and NetBIOS protocols, providing a powerful network software protection solution.
  • More memory, more security. NetROCKEY4 supports up to 80 algorithm (NetR4ND 128) instructions and up to 120 byte user data zone (NetR4ND 1000).
  • Easy programming environment. Using our server program, the developer only need to write the client programs, reducing development work greatly.
  • NetROCKEY4 envelope encryption checks for the existence of the dongle from time to time, and terminates the program when the system can not find the dongle.
  • Powerful testing, tracing and editing graphical interface tools.
  • Supports multiple servers, works on multiple PCs in the network, supports an expandable number of users on the same code dongles.
  • Supports subnets. NetROCKEY4 can detect dongles in different sub-networks.
  • The service program is protected from modification and immune from viruses.
  • Supports Windows 9x/NT/2000/2003/2008/ME/XP/Vista/7 and Linux, designed for Delphi6, Delphi7, Foxpro6, Java, PB6.5, PB7, VB6, VC6, VS.NET etc. environment.
  • Every module can support at most 65534 clients simultaneously.
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