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ROCKEY6 Smart USB dongle

Software protection on smart card

The ROCKEY6 Smart is another powerful security product from FEITIAN Technologies. It is the result of research and insight gained from the development of the ROCKEY4 dongle as well as
network authentication products.

ROCKEY6 Smart is a driverless USB device that combines software protection dongle and smartcard technologies in a very small form factor. As the smartest software license dongle, it is a driverless model of which no driver installation is necessary and support full 64-bit software protection, i.e. a protection solution for 32-bit software running on 64-bit operating system and also for native 64-bit applications.

It supports multiple applications including software protection, personal identification and authentication, data security and
protected electronic transactions. Additional advanced features in ROCKEY6 Smart include big 78K internal memory, supports onboard algorithms (RAS, DES, MD5, SHA-1), soft timer for time-limit license and built-in internal counter. Rockey6 Smart also provide high-level secure remote update tool which support multiple schemes.

ROCKEY6 Smart Features:
  • Security at hardware level
    The ROCKEY6 Smart is based on smartcard technology. Smartcards are widely used in the banking and financial sectors where security is of paramount importance.
    Smartcard hardware is engineered to prevent reverse engineering and specialized analysis used by hackers and others who seek to crack security schemes. Smartcards integrate modules such as CPU, RAM, EEPROM and FLASH and are essentially a mini-computer on a chip, providing a powerful and versatile platform for developing complex and powerful security programs.

  • Hardware compatibility
    ROCKEY6 Smart consists of a USB card reader and a specially programmed smartcard.
    The reader may be used with any ISO 7816-3 compliant processor card.

  • Security at software level
    The target program’s kernel algorithms and data may be “transplanted” and executed inside the smartcard’s protected environment. The transplanted code operates under the management of the smartcard operating system and forms a miniature-computing environment that runs in parallel to the main computer. The Rocky Smart environment and the main computing environment exchange data through the USB port. The probability of a successful hack of this system can be reduced to near zero if a reliable solution plan and certain sophisticated algorithms are correctly adopted.

  • Software compatibility
    ROCKEY6 Smart fully supports the ISO 7816 smartcard standard as well as specific extensions to the standard. This system will be familiar both to users of software protection dongles as well as those for familiar with smartcard technologies.

  • Flexibility
    Many advanced administrative functions (such as remote update management) have been incorporated for software developers. All security requirements are accomplished through a set of basic functions provided with the ROCKEY6 Smart system. Developers may build their own complex protection plans based on the ROCKEY6 Smart function set.

    How to protect software with ROCKEY6 Smart

    Step 1 - Choose core/kernel codes
    Identify and choose the vital part of Core Codes from the original project (the to be protected main program). Core Codes are usually the important coding part that involve crucial operation or calculation formula that if without it, the whole program won't executed successfully.

    Step 2 - Modify non-C language project into C language project
    Develop or modify the selected Core Code into C language project. Skip this step if original project is a C language project.

    Step 3 - Create/convert C language project into C51 project
    Create or convert into C51 project (i.e. external program) using Keil compiler in IDE.

    Step 4 - Test C51 project with virtual card
    Test and debug the C51 project (i.e. external program) with the virtual card.

    Step5 - Download tested C51 project into ROCKEY6 smartcard
    Download the C51 project (i.e. external program) into ROCKEY6 smartcard, i.e. import all files of the virtual card into the real card and test it.

    Step 6 - Remove core/kernel codes from main application
    Remove core code from the original project.

    Step 7 - Include communication between main application and ROCKEY6 Smart
    Include intercommunication between original project with the C51 project (i.e external program) that on the real card and it will become the final project that integrated with ROCKEY6 Smart.


    ROCKEY6 Smart tools
    You will find comprehensive developer manual inside our SDK together with many tutorials on how to implement ROCKEY6 Smart effectively. Below are some ready tools to help on your deployment.

    Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    IDE is an Internet Explorer like utility that is license and integrated with KEIL uVision2. It provide developer a user friendly with C language alike environment to program ROCKEY6 Smart with below main functions:

  • Editing, compiling and debugging of external program (core codes)
  • Management of both virtual and real IC cards which include file operations, formatting, password updates and execution
  • Simulating the execution of the the external programs (core codes) on the virtual card
  • Download and test external programs (core codes) on real IC card

    ROCKEY6 Smart come with an envelope encryption engine where developer can use to encrypt executable files with some pre-define protection criteria. This simple tool will enable developers to start protecting their applications with just simple few steps.

    Remote update
    This is a utility developer can use to implement secure remote update which support multiple module schemes to their ROCKEY6 Smart protected applications. It is built with high-level security architecture which is using One-Time-Password and message digest methodology with advanced onboard encryption algorithms. Developers can now re-enable the dongle, open more functions, re-license their ROCKEY6 Smart dongle with the convenient of e-mailing.

    ROCKEY6 Technical Specification
    Dimensions 42 x 21 x 9 mm
    Color Blue, Green
    Smart Card Chip 32-bit
    Memory 78K
    Embedded Virtual Machine C51 Virtual Machine on Chip
    Min. Operating Voltage 5V
    Current Consumption (active/idle) <= 50 mA
    Max. Write Cycle >100,000
    Connector USB Type A
    Operating Temp. 0-70°C
    Data Retention 10 Years
    Onboard Algorithm RSA, DES
    File Security Level 16-level
    Development Environment IDE, and Integrated with KEIL µVision2
    Hardware ID Globally Unique
    Driver Driverless HID Device
    Floating Computation Double-floating Mathematic Computation
    Timer Run-time Timing Function, only count during working
    Counter Internal Counter
    Remoter Update High-level Secure Remoter Update, Multiple-Schemes
    Production Tool Batch Production Tool
    Module Management Multiple-Module and Management Schemes
    Operating Systems Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Server 2003, Linux
    Enveloper Yes
    Software Protection Idea Run core algorithm inside dongle


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