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BioPass3000 USB Token
with biometric fingerprint sensor for authentication

BioPass3000 is a smart card based portable biometric token.

It combines fingerprint sensor module and the fingerprint verification module with an USB token in one device.

With the on-chip stored fingerprints, BioPass3000 uses the unique fingerprint verification rather than the traditional Password/PIN verification.

The BioPass3000 token has all the advantages of a smart card. Typical applications are:

- eMail and data encryption
- web logon
- digital signature
- smartcard logon
- remote DeskTop
- VPN (Microsoft, Cisco, CheckPoint, etc.)


    32-bit smartcard and high speed fingerprint processor
    128k On-chip memory, 64K user accessible
    2048-bit RSA key-pair generation supported
    Long life thermal fingerprint sweep sensor
    Resistant to abrasion more than 1 million finger sweeps
    Sensitive data non-exportable outside token
    PKI Ready, CSP and PKCS#11 interface provided

    BioPass3000 Technical Specification (Hardware)
    Operating Voltage Software 5V(VIA USB PORT)
    Current Consumption 80 - 150mA
    Operation Temperature 5 ~ 40°C
    Storage Temperature 0 ~ 50°C
    Humidity Rating 20 ~ 80%
    Casing Hard Molded Plastic
    Connector Type Mini USB Port
    Fingerprint Import Mode Wiping
    Microprocessor 32 Bit
    Storage Space 64K
    Flash Memory Cell Rewrites >= 100,000 Times
    Memory Data Retention >= 100 Years
    Sensor Life Time >= 100,000 Times
    ESD On pins. HBM (Human Body Model) CMOS I/O < 2KV
    On die surface (Zapgun Air discharge) ± 16KV
    BioPass3000 Technical Specification (Software)
    Acquisition Timing < 1S
    Identification Timing < 1S
    Matching Mode 1 : 1; 1 : N
    False Acceptance Rate 0.1% ~ 0.01%
    False Rejection Rate 0.01% ~ 0.001%
    Max Numbers of On-chip Stored Fingerprints 8
    Matching Levels 3 Levels
    Fingerprint Identification Retry Times Unlimited
    State Indicators 2 LEDs
    API & Standard Support PKCS # 11 v2.11, MS CAPI, PC/SC, X.509 v3 Store Certificate, SSL v3, IPSec, ISO 7816 Compliant
    On-chip Encryption Algorithms RSA, DES, 3DES, MD5, SHA-1
    Chip Secure Level Encrypted data
    Supported OS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/2003


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