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ePass1000 authentication usb token / smartcard logon with certificate
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ePass token
ePass OTP
Rockey dongle
Smart cards
Smart cards


ePass OTP Authentication System

                   with One Time Password Token

ePass OTP

ePass OTP-2

- this device is the perfect complement to ePass USB and
hybrid tokens and smart cards, providing secure user access to digital resources anytime, anywhere.
- the advanced, driverless and innovative hybrid USB and One Time Password (OTP) token. This device offers all of the functionality of an industry leading USB token, ePass2000 for usage with PKI/digital certificates AND the addition of a one time password OTP technology for strong authentication in detached.

ePass OTP is a compact and portable one time password (OTP) token, enabling strong authentication to both web-based and client-based applications.

Users can carry their compact device with them wherever they
go and securely access the organization's network, applications and services whenever they need.

Easy to deploy
ePass OTP is a clientless device, allowing strong, zero footprint user authentication from any machine with effortless backend configuration.

ePass OTP-2 One Time Password and
Smart Card Token Authentication
ePass OTP-2 combines the full functionality of the smart card based ePass2000-32k token including PKI encryption and digital signing, notebook protection, and more - with one-time password technology for strong, anytime, anywhere user authentication to network resources in detached mode.

Highly secure
ePass OTP-2 combines the best of both, driverless USB and one-time password, fully integrated in a smart card token. ePass OTP-2 is designed using state-of-the-art technology and well accepted standards such as OATH, it also has support for the secure RSA 1024-bit keys.

Starter Kit available with:
4 x ePass OTP token
complete server software
ask for the great price !!

- Portable, secure user authentication from any computer
- Enhanced business with secure connectivity to networks, application and web based
- Centralized management of the entire OTP solution with a single management system
- Zero footprint authentication
- Easy back-end configuration
- Long lifetime

Standard Compliance:
- OATH algorithm
- Radius

- Display: 6-digit numeric LCD display
- Battery lifetime: 14.000 OTP generations / 5 yrs.
- Casing: PC+ABS
- Operating temperature: -0° to 50° C
- Storage temperature: -10° to 50° C
- Size: 55.9(L) x 26(W) x 10mm(D)

Enabled Security Services & Solutions:
- Secure web authentication
- Secure network logon
- Application authentication
- User authentication for online financial services and e-business applications
- VPN authentication
- Remote access server (RAS) authentication
- Authentication to online services
- Secure physical access

Authentication Interoperability:
- Network logon for MS Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Linux
- IIS and Apache
- PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, My Sql and Access Database

OTP Number Generation:
- OATH 160-bit


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