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StorePass2000 Token - driverless

USB Smart Card Authentication Token with Flash Memory

StorePass2000 – the "two-in-one" token for security and mass data storage. This device offers the same functionality as ePass2000, with the addition of flash memory for mobile data storage.

Applications and access data in one device and always present

Mobility and flexibility are the priority requirements of the 21-st century.
Mobile employees and mobile access to the enterprise data take a higher and higher value.
The application of new information and communication technologies becomes for enterprise of all economic sectors the decisive competitive factor and managing of information about a basic component of economic action.

Future-oriented enterprises (real time enterprise) place on a quick flow of information to minimize time delays and workers losses. To the immediate and specific reaction mobile employees, business partners and customers need online information. To realize this, the enterprise datas have to be online retrievable on the one hand, on the other hand, they need the safe protection against unauthorized accesses.

Existing systems have to be optimally extended to guarantee the security of the data also tomorrow. Employees expect their usual working surroundings in the office just like at home.

The StorePass2000 offers a cost-effectual, on the highest security for many applications a reliable authentication with a token and an integrated flash disk. Besides, applications about the auto run function can be automatically carried out by the net curtain passport, the access data (e.g., certificates, passwords or signatures) are administered certainly in integrated ePass2000 token.

Auto run capabilities - Once StorePass2000 is plugged in, preloaded applications such as driver installation or security applications such as logon software can be automatically launched, offering your enterprise with even more benefits.



StorePass2000 features
driverless HID device
2-factor authentication
32 KB smart card memory size
8 bit smart card chip
On-board security algorithms RSA, DES, 3DES, MD5 and SHA-1
On-board 1024 bit RSA key generation
Secure and encrypted on-chip
Supports X.509 v3 standard format certificate
Supports CSP / PKCS#11 / PKI applications
AutoRun function
512 MB / 2 GB flash disk memory
USB 2.0 port
Compliant with CE and FCC standards


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