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ePass3000 Token for Strong Authentication & PKI


ePass3000 is a globally first 32-bit with high performance capacity smart

built-in USB Token introduced by Feitian Technologies. It integrates a 32-bit high performance mass capacity smart card chip offering accelerated hardware computation and mass capacity data space (128K). ePass3000 is provided with a driver compliant with PC/SC standard, supports Windows smart card login, and makes reliable user authentication and data encryption possible via asymmetric key (public key) technology. With its various PKI applications, any demand for high security of digital certificate and electronic signature can be met.


  ePass3000 integrates first-class manufactured smartcard chip. It is the ideal device
to protect users’ sensitive data. The advantages include:
  • Excellent performance
      Integrating specially customized high-security CPU core with 32bit RISC, stably

    working in 100MHz clock frequency with the hardware multiplication coprocessor and high-capability CACHE makes the smartcard’s performance achieves perfect


  • High Security
      Applying hardware-based RSA algorithm, ePass3000 provides more security than
    simply software-implemented RSA applications. Because the sensitive data are stored in ePass3000’s hardware secure storage zone, unauthorized person is impossible to access the information. The data’s signature and encryption operations are performed inside the ePass3000, the private key is stored inside the ePass3000 since it is initially generated. This could effectually prevent hacker programs’ attacking. Another fact that ePass3000’s security relies on, is that all of the algorithms used by the ePass3000 are broadly open published, tested by years and widely accepted by the public. The first-class chip encapsulation technique could also provide security factor to chip’s internal data.
  • Easy to use
      After user installed runtime package once, user could use this USB based device by

    simply insert and unplug to the computer without shutting down the computer or stopping any running programs.


  • Low cost
      As a device integrated both smartcard and standard smartcard reader, user could
    use the ePass3000 token directly without using on any other hardware to achieve the reliable, complete smartcard security service. This saved cost for user in deploying the related applications.
  • Portability
      ePass3000 is manufactured with first-class technique. It is small and light, which
    makes it perfectly portable. The water-proof case is also available. Users could easily carry ePass3000’s in their key ring.
  • Compatibility
      ePass3000 supports two types of most popular standard interfaces: PKCS#11 and
    Microsoft CryptoAPI. Any applications compliant with these two interfaces could be integrated to ePass3000’s directly. Moreover, ePass3000’s compatibility has been optimized for most third-party software products. Additionally, ePass3000 integrates mass secure storage memory. It could store multiple certificates, private keys and other data. It means, multiple PKI applications could share one ePass3000’s resource.
  • High Reliability
      ePass3000 is manufactured with strict standard technique. It supports at least five

    hundred thousands times erasing and writing. Data stored in ePass3000 could be retained for at least 100 years under room temperature. This effectively ensures the sensitive data being stored securely and stably.


      Typical application are:
    - web logon
    - eMail and data encryption
    - digital signature
    - VPN (Cisco, CheckPoint, Microsoft, etc.)
    - smartcard logon
    - remote desktop

    ePass3000 Features:
  • 32-bit high performance smart card core

    Card Operating System with proprietary IP - FEITIAN COS

    Hardware-generated RSA key pairs up to 2048-bit

    Hardware built-in RSA, DES, 3DES and SHA-1 algorithms

    Support for third algorithm download

    64-bit unique hardware serial number

    Hardware random number generator
  • 64K user data space
  • PC/SC standard driver, support for Windows smart card login
  • Full support for PKI applications, CSP and PKCS#11 interface available

    Standard security middleware interfaces (CSP and PKCS#11) available

    Support for the storage of multiple keys

    Hardware-generated digital signature

    Support for X.509 v3 standard certificate format

    Seamless integration with Internet Explorer
  • Accessible through ActiveX Control or Java Applet with browsers
  • Standard USB 1.1 device, support for USB 2.0 interface
  • Compliant with CE and FCC standards
  • Support for Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Linux/Mac

    ePass3000 Technical Specification
    Processor 32 bit
    Memory 128 K
    Chip Security Level Secured and Encrypted Data Storage
    Connector Type USB type A (Universal Serial Bus)
    Operating Temp. 0-70 °C
    Storage Temperature -40 to 85 °C
    Humidity Rating 0 to 100% without condensation
    Data Retention 10 Years
    Memory Cell Rewrites >100,000
    Power Dissipation < 250 mW
    Casing Hard Molded Plastic, Tamper Evident


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