Disk encryption on-the-fly, virtual disk

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Disk encryption ‘on-the-fly’

High protection for sensitive data with CryptDisk
CryptDisk enables you to work in a high secure area of your system. Installing this software you can create virtual encrypted disks. CryptDisks can be attached or detached from your system as requiered. Access to a CryptDisk is only granted by passing the authentication process requiring a password and/or USB Token. Each file written or saved on the CryptDisk will be encrypted automatically. Files on a CryptDisk will be decrypted when accessed. CryptDisk can be used on Notebooks, PCs and Servers.


- Pseudo bitstream encryption generated from 64K-Bit- key
- Encryption standard (AES) algorithm with a 256 Bit encryption key
- Encoding and decoding “on-the-fly“
- Size of CryptDisk is limited on hard disk only
- up to 10 CryptDisks per physical drive are possible
- USB token as unique key
- Two way authentication (possession and knowledge)
- Automatic control with USB token to mount and unmount a CryptDisk
- Create and use CryptDisks on other computers or servers
- Master/Slave keys to access the same CryptDisk
- USB token key management


Service to share CryptDisks in the LAN/Wan
- Simultaneous read by several
- Data transfer packages are   encrypted
- integrated user and access   management for shared   CryptDisks
- Shared CryptDisks are only visible for the authorized user
- Integrated network monitor for CryptDisks

System requirements
- Windows 2000/2003/XP
- USB Port (option)

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Disk encryption on-the-fly, virtual disk