Single Sign-On SSO is the system which handles your logon access with one smartcard

Single sign-on

Single Sign-On


Single Sign-On

RS-Logon Single Sign-On

Login to applications and websites
with a single identity

Delivers secure enterprise and web access     Multiple logon procedures with different user name / password combinations often make life miserable for the employees of a company. Most users have to log into several password-protected applications and Web sites every day, and they often have trouble. Now you can end password chaos with RS-Logon Single Sign-On.

RS-Logon SSO enforces strict credential creation policy and stores the user’s credentials in the token /smartcard to prevent unauthorized users cracking or stealing application credentials.

RS-Logon Single Sign-On (SSO) provides transparent logon to a wide range of applications from enterprise applications to web applications. RS-Logon SSO delivers a significant increase in end user productivity and a dramatic reduction in Help Desk costs to provide a strong Return on Investment (ROI), often in less than a year. In fact, studies says about one-third of all calls to Help Desks concern passwords.

Provides transparent logon to a wide range of applications from enterprise applications to web applications (e.g. citrix)
Efficient SSO for faster, secured and easier logins
Return on Investment (ROI) in a very short period of time
Dramatically increased security
Portability of the personal security environment
Reduce Help Desk cost, much less password reset
Supports USB tokens or smart cards as local credential stores
Single sign-on

With RS-Logon SSO, users can enjoy fast Single Sign-On access to enterprise applications and web applications. By eliminating the need to remember multiple application passwords, RS-Logon SSO eliminates the time spent resetting forgotten passwords. All sensitive access data are encrypted and secure stored in an authentication token or smartcard. Outside these devices there are no passwords. To get access to the token or other authentication device you need your personal PIN.

RS-Logon SSO also defense against phishing; interrogates each website a user visits before supplying their credentials to authenticate them, including its URL, text, fields, frames and check boxes against those of enabled, authentic sites.
If these do not match, RS-Logon SSO will not authenticate the user. Furthermore, RS-Logon SSO protects users tricked into visiting hoax websites from typing in their credentials.

Login to a wide range of web pages and web applications, the employee must
not know his access data. A recorder program easy captures the web-based login. RS-Logon SSO supports standard and framed web pages, forms and login pages. RS-Logon SSO works with Windows Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher.

RS-Logon SSO offers unique security benefits to an organization’s ability to safeguard business information. Choose the level of authentication that’s right for you, ranging from a password or certificate to stronger two factor authentication, including RS-PassID (one-time-password service), smartcard or USB token authentication technology.

The following hardware is supported by RS-Logon
StorePass2001 token with
2 GB flash
ePass token (all models)
PKI smartcard and more..


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Single Sign-On SSO is the system which handles your logon access