About us

Since more than 20 years RS Computer is specialized in IT security. Our portfolio includes the distribution of different hardware systems for IT authentication, signature and encryption as well as developing security software. Additional we develop OEM products which corporate clients are working with. For software protection we distribute a variety of hardware dongles.

Part of our portfolio:

Authentication Token
Several models are available: USB token (also driverless), Micro SD token, token with flash disc, OTP token (time, event, hybrid based), smartcard token, soft-token.

Copy Protection Dongle
Driverless USB dongles for secure software protection. A lot of APIs, tools and samples for the major program languages are available.

Security Solutions
RS Logon -> 2-factor authentication, login to single pc or domain or VPN with token and traditional username/password the alternative solution to PKI login!

DCMS -> Device and Certificate Management System: central server based administration for token, smartcards, certificates.

PKI token management system with PIN policy and strong unblock system, specially developed for banking houses - thousand times in use.

One Time Password Software package for authentication into web, pc, domain, VPN, OWA, remote desktop, Citrix and more with OTP token, mobile soft-token for smart phones and so on.

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