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About RS-Computer

For more than 25 years, RS Computer has specialized in IT security systems. Our portfolio includes the distribution of various hardware components for IT authentication, signature and encryption as well as the development of security software solutions. In addition, we develop OEM products in which we and our corporate clients work together.
We are a pure player in the software protection market, offering best of breed technology at a reasonable price. In our global world the protection of intellectually property gets highest priority. The RS-Computer team disposes of many years’ experience with the protection and the distribution of software protection dongles. Worldwide software manufacturers give us their trust and use our dongles successfully. The constant advancement of our dongles guarantees a long-term and stable product for our partners.

Part Of Our Portfolio

Authentication Token
Several models are available: USB token, FIDO U2F, Micro SD token, token with flash disc, OTP token, smartcard token, soft-token.
Software Copy Protection Dongle
Driverless USB dongles for secure software protection. A lot of APIs, tools and samples for the major program languages are available.
Security Solution
RS Logon 2-factor authentication for a strong Windows logon to single pc or domain or VPN, with token and PIN, the alternative solution to login with a certificate. The user password is not known.