The ROCKEY4ND is a driverless dongle that needs not a driver. The operating system has embedded the driver for ROCKEY4ND inside the system.

ROCKEY4ND is an advanced software protection system that attaches to the USB port of a computer. Your software may be duplicated, but it will only run when your ROCKEY4ND dongle is attached to the computer. It can also limit the use of your software. Your application will interact with ROCKEY4ND at start-up and during runtime. If the dongle has been removed, or if an application module has been accessed a preset number of times, it can issue an error message and terminate, or take other actions to insure compliance with your licensing agreement. ROCKEY4ND is versatile enough to support other limits as well.
100% Compatible with old ROCKEY4 dongle!

ROCKEY4ND can be seamlessly migrated from ROCKEY4 without the need to modify source code. All API’s are the same except the dll/lib files, just replace the new dll/lib files.

Unlike some competing products, ROCKEY4ND is a powerful miniature computer, with a CPU, memory and specialized firmware that allow for robust interaction with your application. You may write complex algorithms that are securely stored in the dongle, and then call those algorithms from time-to-time in your application. This method for software protection is strongly recommended and is very difficult to crack. And though ROCKEY4ND was designed to implement extremely high levels of security, it is also relatively easy to implement. The ROCKEY4ND API set has been simplified and improved based on experience gained from earlier versions.

The ROCKEY4ND dongle provides protection not only for 32-bit applications running on
64-bit operating system, but also for 64-bit native applications.

The ROCKEY4ND dongle also provide an envelope tool for .Net, C#, flash media (.swf) applications. Another ROCKEY4ND enveloper will also encrypt Windows Portable Executable files (such as .dll, .exe and .arx) and is simple enough to implement in only a few seconds.

The ROCKEY4ND enveloper is an ideal solution if you do not possess the source code for your application, or are unfamiliar with implementing an API. A security system that combines both the API set and the Envelope program will offer the greatest level of protection.

ROCKEY4ND remote update provide useful tool that developer can create a secure patch file to update the ROCKEY4ND dongle remotely. All the content will be encrypted with DES and will only be decrypted with the valid ROCKEY4ND dongle. With this tool, developer can simply re-enable the dongle, open more functions or re-license the dongle, etc.

Memory Zone
Memory Zone DescriptionMemory ZoneROCKEY4ROCKEY4+ROCKEY4 NDNetROCKEY4ND
Hardware IDGlobally unique identifier32-bit32-bit32-bit32-bit32-bit
User-ID-ZoneUser defined identifier16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)
Modul ZoneNon-readable memory spaces (16) Used with arithmetic calculations16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)
Zero AttributeIndicates if a module is “0” or not “0”. Each module has a zero attribute.1-Bit (each)1-Bit (each)1-Bit (each)1-Bit (each)1-Bit (each)
Decrement AttributeIndicates if a module can be decreased. Each module h??Aas a decrement attribute.16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each)16-Bit (each) 16-Bit (each)
User Data ZoneUser defined memory space24-byte120-byte1000-byte1000-byte1000-byte
User Algorithm ZoneInstruction storage for user defined algorithms32-instructions80-instructions128-instructions128-instructions128-instructions


Dimensions51 x 16 x 7 mm
ColorBlue, Green, Gray, Brown, Red
Min. Operating Voltage50V
Current Consumption (active/idle)<= 50 mA
Max. Write Cycle>>100,000
ConnectorUSB Type A
Operating Temp0-70°C
Data Retention10 Years
Onboard-Algorithm128 User-defined simple algorithms
Hardware IDGlobally Unique
Remote-UdateHigh-level Secure Remote Update, Multiple-Schemes
Production ToolBatch Production Tool
Module ManagementMultiple-Module and Management Schemes
Operating SystemsWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Server/Linux/MAC
Invisible Module Zone64 modules to control software release schemes
Random GeneratorHardware Random Generator
Abundant APIsVB, VC, Delphi, C++, C#, Java, PB, VS.Net….