Windows 2 Factor Logon

Windows Smart Card Logon

Strong two-factor authentication for logging on to a single PC, notebook or domain (possession and knowledge).

RS-Logon can manage multiple accounts, whether from the single PC or domain. The user inserts only the token in the USB port for Windows login and enters his personal identification number (PIN), the Windows password no longer needs to be known. RS-Logon also supports Windows Remote Deskop connections (credentials are on the token). Users with standard rights can also use a second token to run programs that require admin rights. By subtracting the token, you can specify the computer behavior (for example, locking, logging off ..). Optionally, the company logo for Windows application can be deposited. The USB token supports both solutions (username / password or certificate authentication) and allows administrators a high degree of flexibility and easy migration to new technologies.

Operating System Support:
Windows 7,8,10, Server

Password generator for Windows Logon

With RS-Logon, strict passwords can be generated electronically and transferred to the Windows Logon at the push of a button. The constant change of passwords is eliminated.

There are no certificates or keys on the hard disk. All data in the USB token is encrypted.

By storing user credentials and certificates on the USB token, security is greatly increased.

RS logon tokens do not require batteries and can be reprogrammed as needed. Costs for new purchases are thus minimized. The RS logon area can be protected from unauthorized access by an extra password.

The saved accounts can be backed up using backup tokens.

The following hardware is supported by RS-Logon

StorePass-Token witht 8 GB flash
ePass2003 token with branding
PKI smartcard and more ..